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Property Cleanup and Restoration

We bring life back to your home or public gardens or commercial spaces with much-needed property cleanup and restoration. Residential and commercial clients in Englewood, New Jersey, trust Garden Nanny to revive their landscaping. We collaborate with you to develop a design that best suits your particular landscape, to create delightful gardens and public spaces.

Landscape Cleaning Services

Neglected properties quickly get run-down and overgrown. Our landscape cleaning services let you take back control. Depending on your situation, we can either recover the former landscape or completely clear the canvas for a fresh start.

First, we remove debris, including fallen leaves and branches. Next, we pull weeds and cut back spent plants to prepare the area for the growing season. If you have a hardy landscape that simply requires reviving, further pruning, along with mulching and water-supply inspection may bring balance back to your space.

We also may remove and replace poorly performing vegetation or install new plantings. Any changes are based on a coordinated plan, and we keep you informed about the work in progress. We can tailor your project to fit your budget by proposing reasonable solutions to fit your space and personal needs.

Restoration Services

When your restoration includes new plantings, we can replace dead grass with new turf and plant or transplant trees and shrubs. We may include annuals, perennials and/or bulbs planted in the ground or in containers, based on the planting design we created with you. If you already have a planting design created by yourself or another designer, we can follow this design and plant accordingly. No matter your preferences, we can replace or add to existing plantings to spruce up the area or give it an entirely new look.

Maintenance Services

If you need help maintaining your newly restored landscape, we also provide maintenance services. Maintaining the health and beauty of your space includes perpetual weeding, grooming, pruning, fertilizing, mulching, pest control and water supply monitoring to keep your garden thriving through the seasons.

Garden Expert

Garden Nanny was founded by Brenda Thomas, who trained at the New York Botanical Garden and earned a certificate in Ornamental Garden Design. She continues to pursue her gardening studies at Rutgers School of Continuing Professional Education. She has the skills and experience to turn overgrown landscapes into beautiful garden spaces. Contact Garden Nanny to transform your garden today!

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