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Ornamental Garden Plants

Rose Bush Ornamental gardens often incorporate flowering plants, bulbs, ornamental grasses, shrubs, trees and even eye-pleasing vegetable, fruit and herb plants. At Garden Nanny, we can help you design and create an ornamental garden that reflects your personality and complements your home or business.

Types Of Ornamental Plants

Whether you want to attract hummingbirds and butterflies or simply add color year-round, there are countless ornamental plants to choose from.


are versatile flowering plants that come in every color of the rainbow and many different varieties.  Whether you’re thinking of rose bushes, climbing roses or miniature roses, our ornamental garden designers can help you create a vibrant and colorful garden that will wow neighbors and visitors alike.

Bulb plants

such as spring-flowering daffodils, crocuses, lilies and tulips can bloom year after year. Planting a variety of bulbs that bloom at different times can give you a long-lasting display of color you can enjoy from March through June and beyond.

Ornamental trees

add an interesting focal point to any landscape. Flowering trees such as dogwood, hawthorn and magnolia boast beautiful blooms and colorful leaves that brighten any landscape.


trees and shrubs such as fir, pine and cypress are some of the most popular evergreens which provide year-round visual interest.

Ornamental shrubs

like hydrangeas are found in many gardens. Their large, vibrant and elegant blooms can be blue, pink, white and lavender — sometimes all on the same plant! They are easy to cultivate and take to almost any soil.

Aromatic herbs

such as lavender, marigold, rosemary and thyme may also appear in ornamental gardens. They not only create a pleasant scent in your garden, they can be used to add flavor to your favorite recipes.

Bringing Your Vision To Life

The ornamental garden design process can be daunting, but our experienced designers will be with you every step of the way. First, we’ll visit your property to speak with you about your vision and get an understanding of which ornamental plants you’d like to see in your garden. Planning and designing your garden with our experienced landscape professionals may spark new ideas you may have never imagined were possible and bring your outdoor space to life.

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