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Ornamental Garden Design in Englewood, NJ

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An ornamental garden not only makes for a lovely feature for a home. It also reflects the homeowner’s vision. The choice of plants and flowers, the arrangement of colors, their placement alongside gravel paths and other features, are vital to creating a beautiful, tranquil spot that you and your guests will enjoy. Before you can plant your garden, however, it’s best to get an idea of how it will look beforehand. At Garden Nanny, we can help you design the ornamental garden that best suits your home and landscape.

Bringing Your Ornamental Garden to Life

For the first step of the design process, we will visit your property and talk to you about your vision. This helps us understand what you want to see in your garden as well as the space you have to work with. Once we understand your needs and the scope of the work, we’ll provide a series of design renderings for your future garden, starting with basic labeled sketches followed by colored layouts. These designs can cover a single planting bed or your whole property. We can even accompany you to the shop and design on the run based on the plants you choose.

Benefits of Ornamental Garden Design

Setting out a design plan for your garden ahead of time ensures a clear way forward. We understand it can be difficult to see how the vision in your head will fare in the daylight. By allowing us to speak with you about your ideas, we can render your garden in detail and help you fill in any remaining blanks. You may even find yourself inspired to try something in your garden that you hadn’t thought of.

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Whether you want a single ornamental plant as a focal point in your front yard or want to design a whole yard of colorful plants to add curb appeal, Garden Nanny in Englewood, NJ can help you brighten up your space. Contact us at (201) 873-1970 to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members or to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

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