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Garden Maintenance Keeping your commercial and private landscape healthy and vibrant adds value and curb appeal to the property. Whether cleaning up after a long hard winter or maintaining your summer lawn and flowers, Garden Nanny will do whatever necessary to make your property look its best.

Removing Weeds

Removing weeds ensures healthy plants receive the water, sunlight and nutrients they need to grow strong. It also prevents overcrowding of the root bed and gives plants like thrift and other ground covers room to spread. At Garden Nanny, we remove all weeds to help maintain the health, beauty and balance of your garden.


Pruning helps plants achieve the desired shape and shortens vigorous shoots, and at Garden Nanny, we know the best color and fruit is usually produced on young stems. Pruning also removes any dead, dying or diseased wood from trees and vines to prevent it from spreading. If you have fruit trees and flowers, we know exactly where to cut back branches to increase the production of healthy fruit and can help your garden explode with color from new flower growth.


Perennials often need to be thinned out and transplanted to another area of the garden to prevent overcrowding. In the spring and fall, we transplant flowers and other plants to keep your yard balanced and full. We can also move potted plants into the landscape to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

Feeding and Water Supply

Proper nutrition improves plant health, reduces pests, safeguards against disease and increases flower and fruit production. We offer both regular watering and feeding to keep your landscape green and healthy and to make your plants larger and resistant to weather stress and drought. We know what fertilizers perform best and work to keep your landscape properly fed.

Pest Management

Not all crawling and flying insects are bad for your garden. Bees and many other insects perform a service by fertilizing plants or destroying harmful insects. We apply natural products like mulch to keep weeds at bay, prevent evaporation of moisture and deter some species of bugs. With the correct pest management, we can make your garden thrive.

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At Garden Nanny of Englewood, NJ, we offer full-service landscape maintenance contracts to maintain the curb appeal of your property throughout the year. Contact us today to schedule a visit or call us at (201) 873-1870 so we can answer any questions.

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