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The Garden Nanny complete garden maintenance program puts someone at your side to offer the amount of help you want to maintain your garden. Light assistance is available if you just need a bit of help. If you need more physical assistance, Garden Nanny can help with that, too. This program works for beginning and advanced gardeners because you tell us how much help you want and how often you want Garden Nanny to be there.

Complete Garden Maintenance

Every garden is different, and each gardener has unique needs. At Garden Nanny, we understand that and accommodate your gardening needs. The Garden Nanny program is often described as gardening on the buddy system. This program is designed to help anyone who needs someone at their side to help with gardening tasks while managing and maintaining a garden.

Our Maintenance Services

Garden Nanny offers a variety of maintenance services to help you create and maintain a beautiful garden. Our maintenance services include everything you need to sustain a healthy garden, such as:

  • Feeding and Watering Plants. Properly watering and feeding plants helps keep them green and vibrant. It aids flower and fruit production, plus it helps protect plants from disease.
  • Pest Management. Gardens need insects to pollinate plants and to destroy insects that are harmful. Garden Nanny helps out by employing natural pest control techniques that won’t destroy the delicate ecological balance of your garden. 
  • Pruning. When you put our experience with plants to use in your garden, we prune as needed to maintain shape and plant health.
  • Removing Weeds. Weeds have a reputation for choking healthy plants by overcrowding them. We get rid of all weeds in your garden so the plants you want to grow can thrive. 
  • Transplanting. Garden Nanny thins and transplants perennial flowers in the spring and fall. This adds to the balanced, full appearance of your plants to create the effect you want.

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Gardening help is available on the scale that fits your needs when you call Garden Nanny. Our services are by appointment only, so call us today at 201-873-1970 201-873-1970 to schedule an appointment, or fill out our online contact form and someone will get back with you as quickly as possible. We help with home and commercial gardens and parks. We also offer recurring services to maintain a garden as well as one-time services to help you get a beautiful garden started.

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