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Where To Find Container Garden Plants In NJ

Proud Gardener A container garden is a handy way to add plants to enhance your outdoor space, or as an alternative to a traditional garden. Container gardening offers more flexibility and design options. When you hire Garden Nanny to design and install your container gardens, you’ll be free to enjoy the charm it adds to your outdoor space.

Planning Your Garden

When we come out to evaluate your available space for a garden, we determine what type of plants will do well in the environment around your home. For example, how much light or shade you have determine the best plants for your yard or balcony. We also choose from a variety of flowers, plants and fruit trees that are known to thrive in container gardens in the New Jersey climate. If you choose to grow your plants in containers, you gain the advantage of being able to bring some of them inside when temperatures drop.

The Beautiful Simplicity Of A Container Garden

One of the most exciting benefits of container gardening is the ease of changing the appearance of your yard. The containers can be moved around to change the look whenever you like, and it’s a breeze to swap out the plants to create a different effect. Placing containers in small spaces that couldn’t otherwise support a garden is also handy for anyone who has a smaller yard, corner on the patio that needs a touch of life or a balcony retreat to a personal vegetable patch or niche garden.

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The Garden Nanny team brings its training, experience and love of plants to every project. We can help you plan the garden of your dreams, whether you need a large garden or a container garden that fits on your patio. We also help maintain it if you want someone to fill in with watering and weeding. Call us today at 201-873-1970 201-873-1970 to schedule a consultation. Our online contact form is also available any time you have a question or concern.

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