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Founder and owner Brenda Thomas started Garden Nanny in Englewood, New Jersey, 15 years ago to help friends tend their much-loved gardens. This soon turned into a thriving business that today has expanded to include design, installation and maintenance of home gardens, public gardens and commercial spaces, plus property cleanup and restoration services. We strive to provide customized garden care services in collaboration with the property owner.

Garden Care Services We Provide

  • Ornamental garden design begins with a visit to your property to determine your wants and needs and the scope of the work. We provide a series of design renderings that can cover a single planting bed or your whole property, then accompany you to the garden shop to make your design a reality.
  • Garden planting services include installing plants at a private residence, public garden or commercial space. We help you create and install a new garden or work from a preexisting design and replace, remove or relocate plants to restore a lagging landscape to its former glory.
  • Garden maintenance keeps your private or commercial landscape healthy and vibrant by removing weeds; pruning, transplanting, feeding and watering plants; and pest management. Our full-service landscape maintenance contracts maintain the curb appeal of your property throughout the year.
  • Container plant design and installation includes choosing appropriate plants for a container garden based on your space and year-round growing conditions.
  • Property cleanup and restoration is a multilayered service that includes landscape cleaning, restoration and maintenance. Landscape cleaning involves recovering your former landscape or completely clearing it for a fresh start. Restoration includes new plantings in the ground or containers, turf management and planting or transplanting trees and shrubs, based on the garden design we created for you. Our maintenance services ensure your newly restored landscape continues to thrive with perpetual weeding, grooming, pruning, fertilizing, mulching, pest control and water supply monitoring.
  • Vacation care provides assistance with watering and maintaining landscape and potted plants while clients are away for extended periods during the growing season.

Englewood’s Garden Expert

With formal training at the New York Botanical Garden and ongoing gardening studies at the Rutgers School of Continuing Professional Education, Garden Nanny has the skills, knowledge and experience to turn overgrown landscapes into beautiful garden spaces. Contact us at 201-873-1970 to transform your existing garden or begin planting your new garden today.

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